Is your job making you fat?

It happens!

How many of you gain weight while working like crazy? I been there and let me tell you that is not pleasant especially because if your working like crazy you don’t have enough time to work out so I think I just found out why do I gain weight  when I’m working and here are my tips.

Dont skip breakfast
seriously, don’t ever skip breakfast because if you do then you’re going to be tempted to buy junk food on your way to work. One time might not be hurtful but if it becomes a habit then you’re in serious trouble packing up all that junk in your body.

Don’t eat under stress.
How many of you eats whenever your upset od stress? Then you know that you don’t realize how much you can eat while are under stress right, specially when you crave sweets and carbs. Instead of eating drink water when ever you feel anxious or stress. Drinking lots and lots of water will make you feel full and is healthy for your body.

Bring your own food unless there’s a place where you can eat.
If there’s not a place where you can eat bring your own food that way you can control what your eating and stay away from junk food.

Never skip a meal.
If you do then you’ll end up eating more at night right before you go to bed and your metabolism is going to slow down.

So like everything you just need a little of discipline to not gain weight.

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