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Betsey Jonhson


Aren't they super cute?
I love them


If only life were like romantic comedies

Hello girls!!

What’s your favorite movie? A friend and I were talking and she gave me the idea for this topic I think it is fun to write about it so here it is.

If Only Life Were Like Romantic Comedies…

Relationships would be so much easier, we wouldn’t care about dating rules (not to be a rule breaker but i hate such rules. I blame the guys. Who create such rules anyway? ) and Long Distance Relationships would be so easy and would be unbeatable. For those tha have been on a LDR knows how hard can be just few of them have success.

Who have had a sucky first date?
If only life were like romantic comedies we would all have the perfect first date, an envy wardrobe and a perfect job. We would make out in the rain and still looking fabulous, perfect couples and perfect relationships would exist and romance would never die.

If only life were like romantic comedies we would bumping to the love of our life at the grocery store or walking our dog. We would get lock out of our apartment and fall in love with the hot gentleman next door. Yes I have a big imagination (ha ha)

What’s your version of a romantic comedies?


Inspirational Thursday

Hello Girls!!

As I mention earlier on my facebook page  today is Inspirational Thursday and for that I’m going to share the blogs I like to read that I find very inspirational.

Check this blogs out for a little dose of inspiration.



Breast Cancer awareness month

Ladies the month is almost over and I will like to dedicate this post to all women that have had breast cancer or knows about someone who had breast cancer.  If you’re familiar then you know how  hard can it be to go trough it and how it can affect a women self-esteem. I have experience it with a love one and thanks to god she’s a survivor.
 Ladies Let’s take this months or what is left of it to self examine our breast, let’s get to know them so we can detect something strange and have a check up in time, you know early detection is survival. It only takes less than 15 minutes, you can even do it while showering. Let’s take the time to get to know our body and know about early detection everything that’s unusual needs a check up. Here’s a diagram of how to do a self check.
Click to make it bigger.

Doing this regulary helps to detect breast cancer on time, is important to get to know your breast because they too change with your every month cycle, no reason to freak out ladies early detection is the key and remember that after your 40′s is important to have a mamography every year.

Here are some links that I found with more information.

National Cancer Institute
American Cancer Society
Breast Cancer.org
National Breast Cancer Foundation

Be healthy and chic


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polka rounds clutch by anthropology

It was love at first sight!
This clutch is so chic, I love it.
Girls what do you think? Like or Dislike


The Girly Outfit

I'm in love with this outfit!
is so cute and femenine and I love the colors.
Top: Baily 44
 Skirt: Giambattista valli
Shoes: Fergie
Clutch: Anthropology
Earrings: Kate spade


Beauty on a budget

Hello girls!

Today i'm excited to share this with you. :)
Who doesn't like to look fabulous and spend little?

I found this online store FEBstore and let me tell you they have great findings. You can find good quality brands such as CHI, Biosilk, Conair and many others for less than retail cost. You can also find useful beauty tips, how to's and celebrities tips.

Check it out girls!

Don't foget to be chic and fabulous everyday.



How to clean up your closet

Hello girlies!!!
I recently clean up my closet and I want to share my tips with you.
If you are like me, crazy person who talks with cloths before trow them away (ha, ha hey who is not guilty of that!)  then you know this is not an easy task but before you start to make room for new cloths or changing stations cloths keep this thing on mind.
  1. You don’t have to trow away your cloths, you can donate the cloths you don’t want anymore or make some cash out of them places like Plato’s Closet gives you money for used cloths.
  2. Keep your heart cold and be smart.
    Don’t get attached to your cloths. If you don’t like it anymore don’t keep it. If as soon as you see it don’t picture yourself wearing it again then is time for that to go but if you see something old and can imagine wearing it in different ways and accessorize to make it look fresher and renew then keep it.
  3. If you’re changing seasons…
    Before you put it away think if is functional to this season, accessories can help you to transform from summer to winter.
  4. If you have to think twice before deciding to keep it or not toss it. Remember that you are making space for new cloths.
  5. Does it still wearable?
    Who doesn’t have  favorite jeans or shoes or whatever and keep it for ever. I used to have a favorite jeans, I love them! They fit perfectly, they made me look awesome in them, they were very versatile. I just love them. I keep them from a very long time untill I had to get rid of them because they were very worn out.
  6. If it doesn’t fit anymore it wont never fit.
    If it does not fit is time to let go. The excuse of leaving your not-fitting-anymore cloths to have a motivation for work out and dieting doesn’t work. You can be the same size and yet if your cloths is old it won’t fit the same. Some cloths wont  just fit again get rid of them.
  7. If they are broOHken
    Is ok if a button goes missing but if the zip is broken or the piece of cloth is torn apart, who are you kidding can’t sew them back and be the same as it was before. Loose it!
You get rid of what is old and new will come along.
So there you have it I hope you find my tips useful. Just keep in mind that the point of cleaning your closet is to make room for new one.


Today's Topic: Self Love

Hello Girls!!
Today I want to write about self-love and why is so important.

Have you ever heard about what you give is what you receive? Well now imagine if you despise yourself  what are you going to get in return? nothing good for sure.

When you smile the world becomes bright when you love yourself the world becomes a better place by just simply loving yourself. When you love yourself you become capable of loving someone else.

Girlies! there is not a single reason why you should love yourself we all have flaws because we are not perfect but embrace those flaws because you are perfectly imperfect so boost that self esteem and love yourself.

If you love yourself you believe in yourself and if you believe in yourself there’s nothing you can’t do.



outfit of the day

Dress: Banana Republic
Blazer: GAP
Scarf: Tinley Road
Tights: DKNY
Shoes: Steve Madden

Like or Dislike: Tinley Road shoes

Raeleen by Tinley Road

 I found these shoes on Piperlime and I love the block colors. You like it or dislike?


Big Chunky Platforms for this season

I’m lusting after this shoes!! they’re big and chunky and fabulous.
They definitely make a statement that you want to have on your wardrobe.
Sophia Mesh Stain Platform pump
Mia Woven Cuff Leather Bootie 

Kloe Leather Platform pump  

Kloe Exotic Leather Platform Pump 

Edyn Suede & Exotic wedge sandal  

Casey Patent Leather Pump 

 I love them!!


How to: Concealer

An Awesome Visual Tutorial On Where Exactly to Apply YSL Touche Eclat | GlamBlush.

Girlies I so have to share this with you!

Always remember to take your time when doing your make up other wise you’ll end up like a hot mess and we don’t want that, avoid beauty horrors to alway look nice and neat.

I so want to try this concealer!


Live, Love & Laugh

So imagine that you’re walking down the street and someone approach you and says ‘Thank you for existing I just wanted to tell you how glad I am there’s some one like you, thank you for being who you are never change that because that’s what makes you special, that’s what makes you you.’ … Such a fulfilling feeling.

Do you know the feeling? Have you ever felt that way? or Have you ever say that or be told by someone? Do you know that inspired feeling?

If you ever felt like that, If you ever get to know that feeling express it. Let people know that are special to you and they matter for a reason.

Is funny how we forget about this little details because we don’t live our lives like that every day, in fact most of the time some of us doesn’t live their life to their fullest at all and is not acceptable that we get carry away but things that doesn’t matter that much and forget about what really does and the most important, is not acceptable to forget who we are even when we still looking for that answer. Is not ok to let the downs take us down, embrace the downs and keep on the road.
So what, we have ups and downs, good and bad days, the bad days are just test to (challenge) ourselves to get to know the real person we are, there’s no way to know how we would react to something if it never happened before.

The point is to always shine even when you’re on your darkest shade and always be truth to yourself. gratitude goes a long way, be grateful for yourself and yourself will be grateful for others.

Probably I’m not making sense right now, probably I’m just rambling but I just have to put this out there for everyone to read.

That feeling of admiration, I know it! and some people you admire will make you proud and some will let you down.

Embrace life and everyone around you.



Is beauty being overrated or is just marketing?

To be a girl who writes about beauty and fashion this might be contradictory but I think is true. Have you ever think about it?  Every time I see a Sedal commercial about damage hair it makes me run my fingers thru my hair and wonder if is damage. Does this happened to any of you?

It really makes me think about beauty I think that there’s no ugliness everything’s about perspective so I don’t think there’s ugly women I think there are just untidy so I’m asking myself if beauty is being overrated or is just marketing.

You know who says beautiful women have to wear make up or dress up or color their hair well I think that’s just because of vanity but is that beauty of is that what marketing is selling.

What do you think?

Super Flirty Makeup

Girlies this are my favorites for a super cute and flirty make up.

Things that you always gotta have on you makeup case are:
Lip balm always carry one because is very important to moisture your lips and let’s not forget that this also very important to get kissable lips, Lip Gloss, especially the ones that plums your lips and make them look fuller like LipFusion. Eyeliner. A black liquid eyeliner is a must have, it gives a dramatic and mysterious look to your eyes and to complete this look nothing better than a good pair of fake lashes. I don’t know about you but I’m a big fan of falsies because you can play them to  flatter your eyes. Last but not least Mascara, mascara can plump, curl and give volume to your eye lashes so your make up can look finish and complete. For a better result try on a primer that not only helps you to hold on the mascara it also conditions your lashes and prevents damage.

What are your favorites make up products? and what can’t you live without?

Surviving without a straighting iron

Yestarday I went to bed with my hair wet, yeah bad idea i know without mentioning the fact  that the weather has been not friendly (as  in a gloomy, raining, crazy humidity weather) so yeah it was a horrible idea anyway I tought it was not that big of a deal because every time that I go to sleep with my hair wet I just use the straightening iron in the morning and I’m ready to go well… Not today!!

Girls it is really good to invest on a decent straightening iron.
I have to admit that I’m guilty of changing straightening irons all the time and since mine broke I been using my sister’s iron which I love by the way because the heat is adjustable and is not totally flat is kinda curve and that’s what I like about it because I have very thin hair so this iron doesn’t give me a limp flat hair look. I don’t know what brand it is all i know is that is not that expensive, wich is great for me because the reason I don’t splurge on an expensive hair salon quality straightening is because I don’t really straight my hair that often, I’m more of a blow dryer person, I’ll splurge on that because I can’t live without a dryer so yeah that’s why I don’t care much about straighteners. Maybe I should have invest on a good straighter when I decide to get a bob (wich turn into a lob now) my hair is very fine but is not straight I’m a more wavy type of hair but is kinda in the middle not so straight not so wavy so yeah when is short is does not settle that easy without me doing some styling. I guess I should have thought about that.

Going back on my bad hair day…

I woke up with the craziest hair ever thinking that today I was going to straightening my hair, Oh boy! I  forget that my sis is in the middle on moving to her place and she packed her straighter so yeah there I was with the crapiest hair ever and no straighter.  I tried to blow dry it but it did not work  well I didn’t like it at all, there’s so much humidity and my hair did just no want to behave, my ends were sticking out and resist to get straight, it look like an old lady hair do haha since the weather is not being friendly I tough about curling it but then again with all this humidity my curls were going to last less than an hour I really want my hair down but I spend so much time trying to blow drying straight that I was a bit frustrated so finally I decide to partially curl my hair in sections and then use boby pins to create a cute up do. It did turn out ok, I learn my lesson ha ha for now on not sleeping with my hair wet (ok, no I can’t promise that) and get my own decent hair straightener that I can do.


Great Nail Tutorials

Hello Girlies!!
As you probably know by now I love love doing my nails and I'm always experimenting and looking for tutorial on how to get awesome nail colors. So I tought that it was a good idea to share  my favorites how to's.

Here they are!

DIY Fade to Black Manicure  -I love this look! is perfect for fall.

Tutorial: Snake Skin Nails -This one is awesome!

Newspaper Nail Art -I Loved this one! I'm looking foward to do it =)
Fun and Easy Splatter- This one is so much fun!
Sparkly Party Girl Nails - So girlie!! I love it.

Water Marbeling -Have to try it!

Barbie Nails -So cute

And there are a lot more but  there're so many that if I keep going I won't stop.
I hope you like them! this girls are very creative.


Betsey Johnson

1. Red Lips with Fangs Stud Earrings
2. Bow-tiful Sequin Clutch
3.Pink Crystal Duo Stretch Ring
4.Crystal Heart Chain Necklace
5.Glitter Polly's 
6.Large Bow Necklase
7.Peacock Jungle Leopard Necklase
8.Crystal Medallion Necklase
9.Owl Face Strech Ring


ChickStyle reaches 2,000 views

Chickstyle reaches 2,000 views. I want to thank everyone who reads my blog and invite you to check it out. Please subscribe to get more updates and keep reading. To share my happines with everyone please check out my favorite blogs.



Today's Topic: Sex Bloggers

Since blogs became popular people write about anything they're interesting in; Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment, Life, Personal projects,DIY's The Environment and... what am I missing? oh yeah Sex.

Sex blogs are very popular, (thanks cosmo for existing by the way) some are informative and some of them are just about the author's sex experience and that makes me think...Is that their actual job? Have sex and then blog about it? That's interesting because is like if you were getting pay for blog about your life but there is a thin line here that I would like to point at. Getting pay for blog about your life is one thing and getting pay for blog about your sex life well... that's another story. It really depends on your point of view but since I see it (from a raw point on view, or at least that's how I feel it) getting paid to write about your sex life wouldn't be like getting paid for having sex and doesn't that have a name? 

I never see it like that before until today.
I read a blog about a girl that decided to stop having sex with her boyfriend and wrote how she felt good about it because that made her focus more on herself and she also wrote about her past sex experience, I thought "wow people are really comfortable putting their sex lives out there" I mean one thing is to talk about it with your friends and another is to blog away about it.
There's a cosmo writer that blogs about doing the deed with her dude (click here to read all the juicy details) her most recent blog is about sex challenges that she complete on 31 days. She details everything she did with her boyfriend. Of course her identity is secret but that's her job, have lots of sex with her boyfriend and then report about it. Her boyfriend must be trill to have a cool girlfriend like that.

On my very personal opinion I wouldn't like to expose my sex life like that (even if is anonymous) and if that would be my job I'll be just annoyed, sex is something intimate that is only shared with your partner not the whole world. From the moment you make it part of your job routine it just stops being intimate and the feeling of must do is just annoying. Not that I have something against it because I don't actually some of the stories are fun to read but I just never thought about it that way.

How do you feel about sex bloggers? Would you be comfortable blogging about your sex life if that were you job or your partner's job?


My shopping list for this fall

Inner light mineral tinted moisturizer

Bare Escentuals
bareMineral All-Over face color on Pure Radiance

Burt's Bees
Honey Lip balm

Stay all day waterproof eye liner

Tutti Frutti Tionga

Bath&Body Works
Warm Vanilla Shower Gel
Bath&Body Works
Warm Vanilla body lotion

I love the change of seasons and since I finally feel like fall is here I have little shopping to do. First of all nothing says cozy fall like the fragrance of vanilla with a hint of of sandalwood. For my make up I'm going nude but I'm keeping a strong eyeliner. So instead of foundation I opt for a more subtle look and I'm going to use a tinted moisturizer from aveda I want to draw all the attention to my eyes, a liquid eye liner will do although I have to confess that my favorite is gel eye liner but since I already have one I want to give liquid eye liner a try. I want to get a bronzer that can define my cheek bones and give me a little bit of a glow. Finally, to complete my look I need the perfect nail polish I really liked this shade from OPI and it has a funny name too, Tutti Frutti Tionga. I want to buy more nail polish on nude colors because all the ones that I have are reds and brigth colors and pinks haha I love them but this season I want to tone down my nails... Hmm.. funny! let's see how much it last haha because I've always been into brigth nail polish.



I'm sorry dear our marriage has expired...

Do you accept terms and conditions of this contract? No, I do not this is not a contract.
In Mexico lawmakers are trying to pass a license that allows couples that wants to get marry to choose the length of their marriage giving them a least a 2 year wedding license and not only that you actually get to put conditions on it so after this amount of time you'll have to renew your marriage  if you want to stay married which is ridiculous and I find it outrageous because people don't get married for an amount of time people get married to be with that person for the rest of their lives. So this is horrible!
Marriage is not a contract or an imposition. What happened to the nature of marriage? I'll love you until the day I die...for  the good and bad... For what I know everything has its ups and downs and this 2 year license thing gives the opportunity of an easy way out when things go to a difficult path instead of trying to work them out as it suppose to be on a marriage. This does not solve divorce issues, it might not be as many divorces but they would be a lot of pointless and senseless marriages.
Just Imagine to have to renew a contract every 2 years to be married, no is not romantic it takes away the magic and the meaning of a marriage. This is not a lease! is not like a car insurance. This really makes me mad because if you get married is because you love that person and you are willing to spend the rest of your life with that person because of love. Love is not a contract or an imposition and marriage shouldn't be either.  This whole 2 year licence will make it more of an obligation than a opcion and no one wants to feel obligated to get or stay married. That really takes away the meaning of it.


Inspired Jewerly

Hello Girls,

I love Jewelry, love it! and I want to share with you what I found.

Everything is from Inspired Silver I heard about this site long time ago but I never check it out until now. They have incredible stuff, not everything is silver thou, some pieces are faux but that's kind of the concept of this site. There are true gemstones in some of their designs and are very cute and affordable depending on what you're looking for, they have everything from faux, to sterling silver, to 10K gold they even have engagement rings and wedding sets but of course they're faux diamonds they're crystals and cubic zicornia and sterling silver. Anyway, this site is perfect if what you're looking for is something to wear for a cocktail evening (or and formal event) or if you're just looking for something that looks expensive but for a more affordable price.I have to admit that I haven't purchase anything yet, I just read the reviews and must of the items meets expectations, I'll have to check that by myself, maybe I'll do a review when I get the things I like and let you know my opinion.

So here are the things that I liked. Aren't they gorgeous?
Bow Cocktail Ring $19.95

The Floral Cocktail Ring $25.95

Amber Crystal Twist Ring $59.95
Jersey Girl Hoop Earrings $17.95

The Royal Sapphire Earrings $55.95
Onyx Dangle Earrings $26.95

Paradise Marquise Dangles $29.95