Breast Cancer awareness month

Ladies the month is almost over and I will like to dedicate this post to all women that have had breast cancer or knows about someone who had breast cancer.  If you’re familiar then you know how  hard can it be to go trough it and how it can affect a women self-esteem. I have experience it with a love one and thanks to god she’s a survivor.
 Ladies Let’s take this months or what is left of it to self examine our breast, let’s get to know them so we can detect something strange and have a check up in time, you know early detection is survival. It only takes less than 15 minutes, you can even do it while showering. Let’s take the time to get to know our body and know about early detection everything that’s unusual needs a check up. Here’s a diagram of how to do a self check.
Click to make it bigger.

Doing this regulary helps to detect breast cancer on time, is important to get to know your breast because they too change with your every month cycle, no reason to freak out ladies early detection is the key and remember that after your 40′s is important to have a mamography every year.

Here are some links that I found with more information.

National Cancer Institute
American Cancer Society
Breast Cancer.org
National Breast Cancer Foundation

Be healthy and chic

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