If only life were like romantic comedies

Hello girls!!

What’s your favorite movie? A friend and I were talking and she gave me the idea for this topic I think it is fun to write about it so here it is.

If Only Life Were Like Romantic Comedies…

Relationships would be so much easier, we wouldn’t care about dating rules (not to be a rule breaker but i hate such rules. I blame the guys. Who create such rules anyway? ) and Long Distance Relationships would be so easy and would be unbeatable. For those tha have been on a LDR knows how hard can be just few of them have success.

Who have had a sucky first date?
If only life were like romantic comedies we would all have the perfect first date, an envy wardrobe and a perfect job. We would make out in the rain and still looking fabulous, perfect couples and perfect relationships would exist and romance would never die.

If only life were like romantic comedies we would bumping to the love of our life at the grocery store or walking our dog. We would get lock out of our apartment and fall in love with the hot gentleman next door. Yes I have a big imagination (ha ha)

What’s your version of a romantic comedies?

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