Live, Love & Laugh

So imagine that you’re walking down the street and someone approach you and says ‘Thank you for existing I just wanted to tell you how glad I am there’s some one like you, thank you for being who you are never change that because that’s what makes you special, that’s what makes you you.’ … Such a fulfilling feeling.

Do you know the feeling? Have you ever felt that way? or Have you ever say that or be told by someone? Do you know that inspired feeling?

If you ever felt like that, If you ever get to know that feeling express it. Let people know that are special to you and they matter for a reason.

Is funny how we forget about this little details because we don’t live our lives like that every day, in fact most of the time some of us doesn’t live their life to their fullest at all and is not acceptable that we get carry away but things that doesn’t matter that much and forget about what really does and the most important, is not acceptable to forget who we are even when we still looking for that answer. Is not ok to let the downs take us down, embrace the downs and keep on the road.
So what, we have ups and downs, good and bad days, the bad days are just test to (challenge) ourselves to get to know the real person we are, there’s no way to know how we would react to something if it never happened before.

The point is to always shine even when you’re on your darkest shade and always be truth to yourself. gratitude goes a long way, be grateful for yourself and yourself will be grateful for others.

Probably I’m not making sense right now, probably I’m just rambling but I just have to put this out there for everyone to read.

That feeling of admiration, I know it! and some people you admire will make you proud and some will let you down.

Embrace life and everyone around you.


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