What everyone's talking about: Angelina's Versace gown

Beautiful gowns I saw at the oscar awards but nothing beats Angelina Jolie’s gorgeous Versace gown. I’m in love with it! I have to give her credit because she wore it amazingly she kept it simple for the dress to be the center of attention. Not only she wore it gracefully she took advantage of the dress to be flirty and show off her leg. She looked just stunning!

Getting Over a Breakup

Getting over a break up really depends on 3 things.
A) How willing are you to let go  B) The length and type of relationship you had C) The Reasons of the break up and it’s a process that sometimes takes time and sometimes is just almost immediately.

So the question is How to get over a break up?

Well before I keep writing let me tell you that there’s a difference between getting over the break up and getting over your ex. You can be over the break up but not over your ex. Now getting over a break up is simply that, getting over whatever happened between you two, the reasons of the break up and the fact that you’re no longer in a relationship once you got over it you can get over your ex so it is a process.

First thing to do is to get rid of  every negative feeling you have. Disappointment, Anger, Sadness, Frustration, etc… Get a punching back if is necessary. Take the time to process all your emotions. Once you’re over your emotions and got over the break up is time to get over your ex. At this point it should be easier because you’re on non-emotional zone so do whatever you need to do to get over your ex. What I think it works the best is unfriend him because the least thing you need is to know about him when you’re trying to get over him, so the less you think about him the more and the faster you get over him.

Keep yourself busy. Make no room to think about your ex
This is my favorite because is so efficient the busier you keep the more things flow so get yourself something to do on your spare time or even better find something new and exciting a to do and have the chance to get to know new people.

Pamper yourself
Do you know that feeling of wearing a revenge dress? Makes you feel pretty damn good right, well this is your time my friend to pamper yourself and get ready to get someone else attention. So indulge yourself, make an appointment to your favorite beauty spa, go shopping, get a weekend get away with your girl friends, Make it all about yourself!

Dating therapy
Let me tell you what’s great about dating again. Every time go out on a date someone reminds you what a awesome gal you are. You meet interesting guys with potential for more dates and have a great time.
Take your time, sometimes it’s a process but once you’re out of the emotional zone everything gets easier.



OOTD: The Safari Look

Tips for a great date

You like him, He likes you, You really hit it off and had a great time. Second date is at sight.
Hmm.. I was thinking… what makes a good date even better?
Here I came up with few tips.
Golden rule:
Always take your time to get ready. This is super important because sometimes we get caught up by time, specially on a busy day so make yourself some time to prep. If you’re meeting after work take few minutes to refresh yourself and change or do whatever you need to do before going on your date.

Get yourself on a happy place.
Before going on your date relax and get yourself on a happy place so by the time you get there the only one he’s going to see is the fabulous you.

Wear your sexy underwear.
Wearing your favorite pair of sexy underwear will not only make you feel sexier but more confident.

Be open to try anything new.
Chances are that on your date you’re going to explore new places and have new exciting experiences so be open to try anything new, you are not only let him see what a cool chick you are you might find new things to do.

And those are my tips for a great date.

Be chic and confident!


Like or Dislike

Hang on to my Goldie locks xox Betsey.   
Oh Betsey Betsey Johnson! ♥ I Loved this tote, it’s so Betsey.
I really like the hair going to the handle is so cute.

Like or Dislike?

Man in uniform

Lately I’ve found myself fascinated by man in uniforms  but what  is it that make  man in uniform so attractive? Certainly their uniforms gives them some degree of cockiness but is it that uniforms give them some sort of status that is appealing to the sight or is the sense of safeness and authority they represent. Think about it, fire mans, police mans,chefs, doctors,paramedics,sailors, etc etc… Hmm, not only authority uniforms but stereotyped like players, musicians,anything that falls into a stereotype. I wonder if their uniforms boost their sex appeal… Would that kind of man be the same without his uniform?

I remember one time having girl talk a  friend told me “I think what makes them very attractive is that they’re always looking neat and put together and  that’s very attractive.”

Very true, I think by wearing their uniforms they’re  more confident of what they do and  that’s what makes them stand up.

Girls what to you think?

My Newest Obssesion

Fancy Love
by Jessica Simpson

Love it Love it Love it!!! :)
I’m totally in love with Jessica Simpson Fancy Love perfume.
Is soft and sweet, the name definitely honors the perfume.



Fabriano's OODT: The vest

The Simpler the Hotter

OOTD: The cropped jeans

Fabriano's Hot Item of the Week

The square cut brief

A sneak peak inside Fabriano’s closet

Capuccino Cupcakes

Hello Ladies!

I have a very easy recipe for today and I love it because is yummy.

Easy and simple

You’ll need one Cake mix either  yellow cake or vanilla. Prepare mix according to directions. Substitute water with coffee, espresso is preference . If you used regular coffee  add more flavor to the mix by dissolving one tablespoon of instant coffee on 1  tablespoon of water and mix together. Bake according to cake mix directions and enjoy.

Top it up with cinnamon and confectioners sugar.

It’s perfect for a girl’s get together!




Be My Valentine

Served with a glass of champagne and strawberries to complete the tone of these intimate pieces. Perfect for a romantic valentine’s evening, the bra and pantie mix match are playful and feminine. The rope is romantic and the night-gown is just too cute.

For a finish look wear some stilletos  and a  large pearl necklase.

Classy and romantic.

Cheaters among the Stars

I was reading Us weekly and I found an article that really made me cringe. I was reading  how Ashton Kutcher cheated on his wife Demi Moore on their sixth anniversary (I know, I know old news but I was at a hospital waiting room and there was only old magazine to read) but this girl, Sarah Leal gave details of what happened between the two of them and I was shocked! Girls, if you read the interview you would be as shock as I am.

 *Note to all cheaters out there:
You’re all a disgrace

Cheating on someone when you’re full aware of what you’re doing is pretty nasty, without mentioning that is just wrong. Cheating on someone is never justified and is never acceptable. For those who doesn’t care is all right what goes around come around and for those who do care well…Good luck with that! It’s a shame they should have thought twice about it before they cheated. Sometimes being sorry won’t cut it. With every action it comes a reaction so Guys/Girls gotta face the consequences on your actions.

Now I’m not gonna get all judgy here because I know everyone makes mistakes but come on, Seriously…? Was it a mistake or was it on purpose?
You know that said “Once a cheater always a cheater” well I say “Once an ass always an ass” So girls if he did not know what he had or he couldn’t appreciate it some other guy will. Do you want to be with an ass? I don’t think so!

Some mistakes are on purpose, some mistakes reconciled, some mistakes are not even acceptable. Some things can get fix some things can’t. Want to make mends and reconcile? Hmm… Good luck with that my friend! because ain’t gonna be easy. It is up to the other person so forgive you but it is up to you to show how much you regret it and how much you care about forgivenes and trust. Now I wonder why are there so many nasty break ups. Poor Demi, I don’t think anyone deserves such an ass for a husband.

Would you forgive an infidelity?