Super Flirty Makeup

Girlies this are my favorites for a super cute and flirty make up.

Things that you always gotta have on you makeup case are:
Lip balm always carry one because is very important to moisture your lips and let’s not forget that this also very important to get kissable lips, Lip Gloss, especially the ones that plums your lips and make them look fuller like LipFusion. Eyeliner. A black liquid eyeliner is a must have, it gives a dramatic and mysterious look to your eyes and to complete this look nothing better than a good pair of fake lashes. I don’t know about you but I’m a big fan of falsies because you can play them to  flatter your eyes. Last but not least Mascara, mascara can plump, curl and give volume to your eye lashes so your make up can look finish and complete. For a better result try on a primer that not only helps you to hold on the mascara it also conditions your lashes and prevents damage.

What are your favorites make up products? and what can’t you live without?

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