Surviving without a straighting iron

Yestarday I went to bed with my hair wet, yeah bad idea i know without mentioning the fact  that the weather has been not friendly (as  in a gloomy, raining, crazy humidity weather) so yeah it was a horrible idea anyway I tought it was not that big of a deal because every time that I go to sleep with my hair wet I just use the straightening iron in the morning and I’m ready to go well… Not today!!

Girls it is really good to invest on a decent straightening iron.
I have to admit that I’m guilty of changing straightening irons all the time and since mine broke I been using my sister’s iron which I love by the way because the heat is adjustable and is not totally flat is kinda curve and that’s what I like about it because I have very thin hair so this iron doesn’t give me a limp flat hair look. I don’t know what brand it is all i know is that is not that expensive, wich is great for me because the reason I don’t splurge on an expensive hair salon quality straightening is because I don’t really straight my hair that often, I’m more of a blow dryer person, I’ll splurge on that because I can’t live without a dryer so yeah that’s why I don’t care much about straighteners. Maybe I should have invest on a good straighter when I decide to get a bob (wich turn into a lob now) my hair is very fine but is not straight I’m a more wavy type of hair but is kinda in the middle not so straight not so wavy so yeah when is short is does not settle that easy without me doing some styling. I guess I should have thought about that.

Going back on my bad hair day…

I woke up with the craziest hair ever thinking that today I was going to straightening my hair, Oh boy! I  forget that my sis is in the middle on moving to her place and she packed her straighter so yeah there I was with the crapiest hair ever and no straighter.  I tried to blow dry it but it did not work  well I didn’t like it at all, there’s so much humidity and my hair did just no want to behave, my ends were sticking out and resist to get straight, it look like an old lady hair do haha since the weather is not being friendly I tough about curling it but then again with all this humidity my curls were going to last less than an hour I really want my hair down but I spend so much time trying to blow drying straight that I was a bit frustrated so finally I decide to partially curl my hair in sections and then use boby pins to create a cute up do. It did turn out ok, I learn my lesson ha ha for now on not sleeping with my hair wet (ok, no I can’t promise that) and get my own decent hair straightener that I can do.

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