I'm sorry dear our marriage has expired...

Do you accept terms and conditions of this contract? No, I do not this is not a contract.
In Mexico lawmakers are trying to pass a license that allows couples that wants to get marry to choose the length of their marriage giving them a least a 2 year wedding license and not only that you actually get to put conditions on it so after this amount of time you'll have to renew your marriage  if you want to stay married which is ridiculous and I find it outrageous because people don't get married for an amount of time people get married to be with that person for the rest of their lives. So this is horrible!
Marriage is not a contract or an imposition. What happened to the nature of marriage? I'll love you until the day I die...for  the good and bad... For what I know everything has its ups and downs and this 2 year license thing gives the opportunity of an easy way out when things go to a difficult path instead of trying to work them out as it suppose to be on a marriage. This does not solve divorce issues, it might not be as many divorces but they would be a lot of pointless and senseless marriages.
Just Imagine to have to renew a contract every 2 years to be married, no is not romantic it takes away the magic and the meaning of a marriage. This is not a lease! is not like a car insurance. This really makes me mad because if you get married is because you love that person and you are willing to spend the rest of your life with that person because of love. Love is not a contract or an imposition and marriage shouldn't be either.  This whole 2 year licence will make it more of an obligation than a opcion and no one wants to feel obligated to get or stay married. That really takes away the meaning of it.

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