OMG! Did Kate Hudson just had a baby?

Kate Hudson looks gorgeous on this Stella McCartney’s cut out black dress for the British Fashion Awards. Can you believe she just had a baby? It doesn’t seem like it.

I love Kate Hudson!
Her style is so femenine and sexy.

Today's Topic: Passion, a desirable feeling.

Passion: A temporary state of madness and desire.  
You have seen it in the movies, one kiss led to a steamy make out session, the temperatures rises higher and higher as is hard to keep up with your breath as you go into an undeniable rush of passion that it is indescribable because words just would fall short on how amazing and ecstatic you felt.

Few months ago I wrote about Attraction vs. Love, two different but complementary things. While Love builds slowly Attraction attacks by surprise while unexpected and I think is important for them to be complementary to make a relationship endure.

Now back to subject, Passion alone is a temporary state of madness and desire but when it gets involve in a relationship Passion becomes an art of fusing two souls to make one.  Think about the scene I describe above.  Passion involve on a love scene, on the love making two becomes one just for the simple fact of being complementary. Passion alone is selfish and does not last long.

Yes! Passion is a way of expression that becomes an art.
Dancers are passionate about what they do; Tango for example is a very sensual and passionate dance that it really becomes an art of expression.

Passion becomes an art when you commit to the other person.



Sunday morning, rain is falling Steal some covers, share some skin…

With the low temperatures really kicking in now I feel like winter is around the corner and I don’t complain I like the cold weather, not extremely cold thou but I do enjoy this weather so today I went for a walk and took this pictures. I thought about posting what I like about winter so here it is.

Winter clothing is so much cutter than any other station. layering effect, cozy sweaters, trench coats, jackets, scarfs and chunky accessories. The holidays coming up are perfect to bring family and friends together and perfect excuse to trow a party.

I love to bake in winter, it keeps my house warm and my family and guest happy. Winter is just perfect to gather together and spend some quality time. Other thing that I like, meeting my friends at cafes, shopping for gifts, DIY projects to decorate the house and trying on new recipes.

Have a significant other?
What is better than snuggle together to keep each other warm, watch a movie, share a cup of hot chocolate, read a good book, cook together…Nothing like enjoying quality time together on this cold days.

I love winter is so bohemian


Let's talk: Mascara

I was talking to a friend earlier about mascara and I want to know what’s more important for you when looking for the right mascara. Do you look for the formula or the wand? It’s a tricky question huh.
I personally look for the right wand for my eye lashes but if the formula don’t hold my lashes it creates a hot mess so here’s the dilemma ladies what do you think?


My first colaboration...yay!

Hello Girls!!!

Today I was a guest at PalominainGown and I wrote about the importance of accesories on a wardrobe It is a pleasure for me to be a guest and share with all of you this post.



Great Lash lots of lashes from Maybelline

When a girl is bored…She goes shopping!

Ok it was not a shopping spree but I did bough some things that i need it on my cosmetic bag and as a beauty junkie that I am I have to share my love and contentment for Maybelline. Seriously I swear by Maybelline’s mascara! I love them!

I’ve been using Great Lash for a long time now and this weekend I run out of mascara so I went to buy more stuff and I couldn’t resist to lots of lashes cute presentation the cute heart-shaped wand caugth my attention, my lashes are long but thin are there not that many so I thougth that was the right wand for me and I was not wrong. The wand gets to every lash for the small ones to the stubborn ones . I felt in love with this mascara that I’m sticking to it.

What I like the most is that my lashes feels ligth and look natural and fabulous. I would also like to try Volum’ Express the falsies. Hmm…I guess I’ll have to buy it during the week. I would really like to see for myself if it really gives the dramatic effect of falsies.


How do you like your coffee? I like it Stylish!

Good afternoon ladies!!
What a great way to kick out the day than with a cup of coffee.
Aside of my love for coffee I have to confess I’m a big fan of coffee mugs, I LOVE THEM!!! I’m crazy about them, I buy them all the time  haha I think I have a mayor addiction to kitchen ware so I think this is kind of my inspiration for today and as always I’m sharing a piece of inspiration with all of you.

I wish you all a great day!!


Guest post: It-Girl From The Upper East Side

Hello Girls!!! :)

I’m very excited to introduce you my first special guest. Fashion student and Blogger, Alex has her own blog  PalominainGown and I’m more than happy to show you a piece of her work.

It-Girl From The Upper East Side

When we hear or see the phrase It Girl From The Upper East Side the first thing that comes to our minds are the Gossip Girl characters, Serena or Blair but especially Blair Waldorf. Fashion icon and influential person that migth be inspire by a real New York  It Girl. Olivia Palermo but who’s Olivia Palermo?

Socialite, symbol of elegance, style and sophistication Olivia Palermo has become a fashion icon. Thanks to her style and good taste she was found by the New York’s social elite and was photograph by Patrick McMullan, since then she she appear on magazine covers such as Vogue, Elle or Harper’s Bazaar. She was MANGO’s image and Carrera y Carrera from “Mediterraneo”.


Now she works for the brand Diane von F├╝rstenberg on PR department and in  Elle magazine, she also has her own blog http://www.oliviapalermo.com/ No doubt Olivia Palermo is an it girl with an exquisite style and an enviable wardrobe.

Post By:  Alex

Follow her on twitter @alejandrasainzl


A little dose of style!

I love fashion Illustrations! I admire Fashion illustrators and I envy them because I’m not much of a good drawer/painter ha ha ok no I don’t envy them but I would like to illustrate like that. Anyway!

Here’s a dose of style and inspiration to start the week

David Dowton

Antonio Lopez Fashion Illustrator

Audria Brumberg

Jacqueline Bissett

Jacqueline Bissett

Joe Eula Fashion Illustrator

Johnny Cheuk

Laura Laine

Stina Persson

Stina Persson


Golden Godess

Shakira at the Latin Grammys
Gorgeous the dress Shakira wore on the Latin Grammys. 
I love it!


Volume for your tresses

TRESemme Naturals
Girls you know that I've been complaining about my hair these past days because the humidity in the weather does not like my hair at all so lately every day is like a bad hair day. Well... every day was a bad hair day untill last week.

My aunt recommend me TRESemme Naturals months ago but I never listen to her because I was happy with my last shampoo Thermal Recovery also from TRESemme. I used Thermal Recovery for months because I straighten my hair almost every day to style my bob (haha I had a bob but now it kinda turn into a shapeless lob) any way I stop using heat on my hair because I start to see split ends and since I'm trying to grow my hair split ends are the enemy so since I stop using heat I listen to my aunt and switch to TRESemme Naturals.

The result?  I love it!!!

I've been using  Naturals Radiant volume for  like a week now and I have to admit that I was a little skeptic about getting volume but I decided to try it. It did gave me volume not right away tho but for the last 3 days I have experimenting volume in my hair and I love it! My hair starts to behave and is easier to style.


OOTD: Casual Friday

I love this outfit!!

Blouse, Bangles, Earrings and Necklase: Forever21
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Clutch: Cloe
Shoes: Bebe


Surviving to a LDR

Forget me not by Kim Anderson

Can you survive a long distance relationship?  Yes you can but the truth is…


They are very difficult to survive.  I know few succesful stories but most of the long distance relationships I know failed and I’m not being pessimistic here girls. I am a hopeless romantic gal, I believe in soul mates and love conquers all but when it comes to LDR  I’m not skeptic but I have to be realistic and this comes for a person that has experience it.

LDR are not easy, not easy at all!!! they require a lot of commitment and trust and if you’re not ready for the challenge is not going to succeed. Relationships are hard enough, now can you imagine being away from the person you want to be with? Of course if you focus on that you’re going to lose it, being away from the person you love is the cruelest thing ever. My question is… what makes a good long distance relationship endure?

I met a cute couple that were on a LDR and somehow they manage to keep a sane relationship, I believe they are so meant to be I don’t know them for that long  but as I’ve seen they are perfect for each other and they are married now. Is cute because they had to moved their wedding date because he got a job offer in spain so they had to move there and decide to move their wedding date earlier. No one knew when they got married because it happened so fast that they just had an intimate and private ceremony, only their family knew about it and of course their friends hear the news after they got married.
So what makes a good long distance relationship endure?

I think I have some tips.
Communication is the key not only for a LDR but for every relationship. Is very important to be honest and to keep the communication as much as possible, there’s no excuse we live on a world ruled by technology nowadays is very easy to communicate, video calls are great helpers, texting, e-mail, phone calls even mail.

Set what’s right and wrong
If you’re on a serious relationship at some point you have to talk about it because what might be normal for you might be wrong for your partner  so discuss your point of views and talk about what’s wrong and right so you can get to an understanding.

Keep the romance.
I don’t know if I’m the only one that sees LDR romantic. yes they can be pain in the ass too but if you see the bright side they can be romantic.  Send your loved one an e-mail reminding how much you love then and miss the. Surprise your love one, call just to say you love him. Be creative

Set a date to see each other
Distance is a bitch so set a date to see each other and spend some quality time together.

Discuss your schedule
If you two are too far away you’re schedules might not be the same especially if there is time difference. So talk about it because you don’t want to make your partner feel like is being ignore.

Keep the intimacy that makes you feel closer
Intimacy is very important on a relationship because it makes you feel closer so figure a way to keep it intimate.

Has anyone been on a long distance relationship?  How do you handdle it?


Like or Dislike


Selena Gomez wearing Marchesa
at MTV Europe Music Awards red carpet 


Like my furry paws?

I love this!!
Love it, Love it, Love it so much that I have to share it.
They look so warm and comfy that I have felt in love with them
Pom-Pom Furry Slipper
Charlotte Russe

Ooh No! Fashion Faux pas

Too much prints…I’m lost where’s the circus?
Really!!?? Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, really?
Sweetie No oh! too much.
umm.. what she was thinking? did she lost her skirt?
too much going on…
Is she that desperate for attention

 I will call Taylor Momsen Queen of faux pas.
Ha ha I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did (he he)