Guest post: Dating From a Girl's perspective

Enjoy a girl’s point of view into the dating world. New to blogging, Danielle started her blog few months ago check out 17raisonspourlesquelles to know more about her.

Dating is not a game, it’s not science, it’s not chance, it’s not a matter of numbers. Dating is part of our social structure. Is the way we identify potential partners to become our life mate. That said our complex social structure has made this process complicated, full of dead ends, cheats, deceit, false starts, disappointment and sometimes pain and tears. Also fun, good times, great memories, smiles, excitement, joy, love, butterflies in our stomach, chocolates, and so on.

So what can we do in order to make dating something nice, pleasant and ultimately a nice experience all around? First I would say we need to love and accept ourselves. We need to be at peace and in acceptance of ourselves always aware that there’s room for improvement. After we’ve come to love and accept ourselves we have to determine what do we want exactly. Are we looking for a long term relationship? Something more casual? Just to know people? Once we have that figured out, we need to know what do we want in a person to be able to fit into what we are looking for. Be always honest with the people we meet and ask the same in return and the most important thing never settle for someone that doesn’t treat you the way you would treat yourself. Remember your worth, that you are a valuable human being, no better no worse, but valuable because of who you are.

Enjoy dating, the good and the bad at the end it gives you experience to learn and do better

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