Surviving to a LDR during the holidays

The holidays are just around the corner people gather around to celebrate and share with their love ones… What is not to love about the holidays? They are the perfect excuse to party and enjoy time with friends and family and why not, forget about the diet.

Over a month ago I wrote about Long Distance Relationships, now with my boyfriend gone as not being here with me rigth now and the holidays here I got inspired so… I have few ideas to feel closer to your significant other even when they’re miles away.

Is your first Christmas together or have you spend the holiday together before? If you have spent many Christmas together before you must have like a tradition or something that makes that holiday yours so find a way to share it.  Is it a favorite recipe? Do you host a party every year? Travel to see your family? Whatever it is there’s a way you can share that tradition. If you have a special recipe cook together… not possible huh? You can skype while making dinner that way you’ll be cooking together or you can talk on the phone while making dinner. Let’s get creative, there’s always a way you can share whatever is yours even thou you’re miles apart.

If this is your first Christmas together try to make it more special and meaningful because you’re far apart. This is the exciting part ladies because you can get as creative as you want and they are a lot of ways you can do this and if you love surprises like I do then you’re really going to enjoy this. What is it that you would like to do if you were together? Is there a way to recreate it? There’s nothing better that surprising your significant other that’s the best part about surprises. Mail your Christmas presents and open them together on Christmas day.

Got plans for New Years?
Make a list of your new year’s resolutions and read them to each other.
Call each other to countdown together.
If you’re both partying take pictures and send them to each other.
Make a video of your last year’s best memories.

Feeling daring for New Years?
Here’s an idea! Mail your red panties to your significant other ;)

Have fun ladies!!

Do you have any other exciting ideas for this holidays?

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