Guest Post: Pink Nancy

Pink Nancy by Sapil – Review

Hello lovies,

This is my first guest post for Chickstyle, but you’ll be reading a lot more from me here. Today I’m talking about one of my recent favorites, Pink Nancy by Sapil.

Pink Nancy is ideal for all-day use, with neo, elegant yet fresh and tranquil mood apparent at the first whiff. The heart of Pink Nancy relishes classic floral and spicy blend eloquently and serenely flowing, mixing warmly with amber notes in the end.

I’ve been using it for over a month now, and I can safely say that it can be used everyday as it makes you smell and feel fresh. I have both the Pink Nancy Deodorant & Perfume, and if you don’t already know, layering helps the fragrances last much longer. By layering I mean using different products with the same notes, or ones that flatter each other’s notes. It is preferable if you use products from the same product line.

Pink Nancy lasts on me for around 5-6 hours. The fragrance is very fruity and fresh. It’s Eau De Parfum, and I got the set for 20$, the perfume is in 50ml bottle and the Pink Nancy Deodorant in 6.6fl oz spray can.


BeautyRush Ed.

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