Oatmeal recipe

Good morning ladies!!!

Today I woke up inspired put Adele’s album on and start making breakfast. Now not that you mind what I do in the morning but I just want to share my joy with you all. So here’s my Sugarless Oatmeal recipe.
I didn’t measure anything that I used but here’s what you need.
  • Oatmealh
  • Coconut flakes
  • Almonds (crushed, halves, chopped, it doesn’t matter)
  • 1 banana (chopped)
  • Cinnamon
First toasted the coconut flakes and the almonds separately.
Put water to boil or milk,add cinnamon and the oatmeal. Let it boil untill oatmeal is done. Pour the oatmeal on a bowl with the toasted coconut flakes and banana. The mix gives flavor to the oatmeal so you wont notice is sugarless.

Oatmeal has many benefits for your health. It helps reduce cholesterol,helps your digestion and keeps sugar level low in blood. It’s also a good source of protein. So there you have it is yummy and healthy! ;)



The week is almost over… any excited plans for the weekend?

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