Man in uniform

Lately I’ve found myself fascinated by man in uniforms  but what  is it that make  man in uniform so attractive? Certainly their uniforms gives them some degree of cockiness but is it that uniforms give them some sort of status that is appealing to the sight or is the sense of safeness and authority they represent. Think about it, fire mans, police mans,chefs, doctors,paramedics,sailors, etc etc… Hmm, not only authority uniforms but stereotyped like players, musicians,anything that falls into a stereotype. I wonder if their uniforms boost their sex appeal… Would that kind of man be the same without his uniform?

I remember one time having girl talk a  friend told me “I think what makes them very attractive is that they’re always looking neat and put together and  that’s very attractive.”

Very true, I think by wearing their uniforms they’re  more confident of what they do and  that’s what makes them stand up.

Girls what to you think?

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