Today's Topic: Passion, a desirable feeling.

Passion: A temporary state of madness and desire.  
You have seen it in the movies, one kiss led to a steamy make out session, the temperatures rises higher and higher as is hard to keep up with your breath as you go into an undeniable rush of passion that it is indescribable because words just would fall short on how amazing and ecstatic you felt.

Few months ago I wrote about Attraction vs. Love, two different but complementary things. While Love builds slowly Attraction attacks by surprise while unexpected and I think is important for them to be complementary to make a relationship endure.

Now back to subject, Passion alone is a temporary state of madness and desire but when it gets involve in a relationship Passion becomes an art of fusing two souls to make one.  Think about the scene I describe above.  Passion involve on a love scene, on the love making two becomes one just for the simple fact of being complementary. Passion alone is selfish and does not last long.

Yes! Passion is a way of expression that becomes an art.
Dancers are passionate about what they do; Tango for example is a very sensual and passionate dance that it really becomes an art of expression.

Passion becomes an art when you commit to the other person.

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