Volume for your tresses

TRESemme Naturals
Girls you know that I've been complaining about my hair these past days because the humidity in the weather does not like my hair at all so lately every day is like a bad hair day. Well... every day was a bad hair day untill last week.

My aunt recommend me TRESemme Naturals months ago but I never listen to her because I was happy with my last shampoo Thermal Recovery also from TRESemme. I used Thermal Recovery for months because I straighten my hair almost every day to style my bob (haha I had a bob but now it kinda turn into a shapeless lob) any way I stop using heat on my hair because I start to see split ends and since I'm trying to grow my hair split ends are the enemy so since I stop using heat I listen to my aunt and switch to TRESemme Naturals.

The result?  I love it!!!

I've been using  Naturals Radiant volume for  like a week now and I have to admit that I was a little skeptic about getting volume but I decided to try it. It did gave me volume not right away tho but for the last 3 days I have experimenting volume in my hair and I love it! My hair starts to behave and is easier to style.

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